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Mission and Philosophy

SCOUT Cosmetics

SCOUT Cosmetics is a modern and sassy take on natural cosmetics.

"When I look around me, at my friends or the media, I see we all lead independent busy lives but as individuals we also like to care for ourselves in both mind and body" - Sylvie

Our philosophy is based on three ideas summed up by our mission statement;

‘modern - elegant - natural beauty'

Firstly, our philosophy is to respect women choices, needs and preferences.

Our approach is to offer choice to discerning woman and to recognise that at times makeup is an important way to help us look and feel good.

Cosmetics undoubtedly enhance quality of life for many women. makeup may not only be aesthetically pleasing but play a part in psychological health by contributing to confidence and self esteem. Sometimes we need a little self empowerment to just ‘put our best foot forward'.

The second idea was to offer woman makeup that will enhance their natural beauty and be safe to use.

We took seriously our signing on to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics which pledges that we will not use ingredients in our products which are known or suspected of potentially being linked to a long list of health concerns.

Our mineral makeup was created to provide a truly exciting alternative to the everyday ‘big company' brands without the potentially ‘nasty chemicals'. We wanted the same high quality results however the formulations had to be right.  

The result; a natural, modern makeup range that lets a woman's ‘true beauty shine through'.

The third idea recognises that women are discerning and intuitive when making beauty care choices.

The mineral makeup range is;

  • made from superb naturally oriented ingredients
  • formulated by experts
  • manufactured to rigorous Australian and international standards by accredited manufacturers

We are aligned with the best manufacturers who develop and source the highest quality ingredients. Organisations that share similar ideals and values.

We pride ourselves on matching the high quality of our beauty collection with a truly superior customer service experience.  Our aim is to earn the loyalty of our discerning clients by delivering the very best beauty products together with a branded experience that creates true value for our clients.

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