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Sylvie's Story

Sylvie's Story

During her youth, Sylvie Hutchings developed a preference for a simple, balanced approach between the natural and mainstream and that of high quality, luxurious cosmetics.

Her foray into the world of beauty, colour and cosmetics was very much influenced at an early stage by her mother’s very own holistic German traditions and use of established herbal remedies coupled with a glamorous aunt who sent Sylvie the latest fashion trends from Europe together with her very first make up kit.

Sylvie’s Italian grandmother also used to make soaps and body scrubs using available farm ingredients including lavender, olive oil, jasmine and bergamot.

In later years, whilst undertaking a long-term commitment to her role at Ansett, Sylvie understood firsthand the need and balance required to always present well despite the effect travel demands can have in particular, on the skin.

Despite being exposed to an endless plethora of beauty brands the world had to offer, Sylvie’s major challenge was overcoming  the difficulties her  skin faced whilst travelling -  maintaining an impeccable, well groomed appearance during lengthy  travel periods and of finding a reliable and effective product line.

Sylvie made the decision to leave Ansett and pursue a career that had long been close to her heart. During her time at Ansett Sylvie studied natural therapies and began to develop the ideas, philosophy and formulation that would form the future basis of the SCOUT Cosmetics brand.

Following her extensive travels and starting a family, Sylvie worked with Aesop where she gained a professional insight and clear understanding of the industry coupled with the then growing respect for natural products, in 2008 Sylvie made the decision to launch her own company and SCOUT Cosmetics brand was finally born. 

Inspired to unlock the combination of natural therapies and traditional medicine training, cosmetic retail experience and a love of colour and fashion, the philosophy of SCOUT Cosmetics was born.

The real challenge was to develop a range of products which offered well-respected, natural and healthy brand values that would also provide the versatility of use that women want today without having to compromise on performance or style.

Living in the eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Sylvie Hutchings is Founder and CEO of SCOUT Cosmetics as well as being a wife and mother to 3 teenage boys.  

As a cancer survivor herself and proactive  in helping those fighting the disease, her strength, entrepreneurial spirit and determination to overcome the odds has always been applied to all facets of her life at both a personal and on a professional level. 

Sylvie Hutchings - Creative Director / Founder

SCOUT Cosmetics



“My vision for the brand is to bridge the gap between natural and glamour – SCOUT Cosmetics offers a healthier choice” 

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